Delivery and FAQ's


  • We aim to deliver all products within 2-3 working days.
  • Here at natural halal we use express next day shipping on all of our deliveries, in a eco-friendly crafted temperature controlled box, this is to ensure that all your meat is fresh and chilled upon delivery to your home.
  • Our boxes are eco-friendly, 100% kerbside recyclable, to ensure that we protect and preserve our environment, we encourage customers to reuse and recycle our boxes and ice-packs


  • If you would like to schedule your delivery for a specific day, please contact us and we would be happy to help. 
  • Orders under £50 (After any discount is applied) will cost £10 to ship. 
  • FREE shipping on orders above £50.
  • Currently we ship to Mainland UK only (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).
  • Our couriers will be in-touch on the morning of the day of delivery via sms. The courier will give you a time slot for when the parcel will be delivered. 
  • Call or email us for delivery information during bank holiday or the holiday period as our delivery times may vary.

Sustainable Meat

Sustainable meat, Better for you, better for the environment. Sustainable meat practices ensures that there is a low impact on the land in which the animals are free to roam, such as holistic grazing which allows livestock to move from one pasture to another so that the soil is able to recover naturally, without the use of chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics this also benefit the land in which the animals roam freely and the animal is free from any harmful products. This also provides better animal welfare conditions.

Farm Animal Welfare

Everyone benefits more from humane animal rearing. Animals have longer, healthier lives filled with more activity. Environmental harm from high welfare farming may be reduced, which allows for sustainable farming practices and sustainable meat. Here at Natural halal we meticulously source products and produce from our farms and make sure animal welfare is a priority so that animals are able to enjoy their life, roam freely, as nature intended.
Our organically reared halal chickens are slow maturing, pasture raised in a natural environment on a natural feed without any antibiotics, pesticides or hormones. They are able to roam freely in smaller flock sizes to ensure they have a stress free environment, until our farmers slaughter them by hand (Zabiha). Our organic certified chickens from Wales and our organically reared chickens from Northern England. 
Our free range chickens are able to roam outdoors, in a much larger flock for the majority of their life-span. Our free range chickens from Yorkshire and France.
Our organically reared halal lambs are pasture raised, solely grass-fed and grass finished lambs without any antibiotics or hormones. They are free to roam freely, ensuring a comfortable and stress free life until they are slaughtered by hand (Zabiha). Our organically reared lambs are majority from England and Wales. Our lambs are HFA (halal food authority) approved.
Our Grass-fed Halal Beef are purely grass-fed with acres of land to roam on, which allows for a stress free and much more active life, ensuring premium quality meat; with higher levels of vitamin A and E, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Extra Omega-3 & A higher healthy fat content which overall is beneficial to one’s health. Our grass fed halal beef are from Ireland, Southern England and Northern England.
How can you contact us?
Please see our contact us page if you have any questions, email us at (response time 48 hours) or call us anytime between 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm Saturday to Sunday, we will be happy to help you with your questions.